When Then Grandparents Leave

Grandparents Are the Best Readers

Yesterday morning my folks headed out to DIA for their return trip back to Pittsburgh after a 10 day visit here in Denver.

Here are some quick thoughts on how life changes at our house when the Grandparents pack up and head back home:

When the grandparents leave all 3 of my kids wake up every morning for the next week and ask “Are Grammy and Pap Pap coming over today?  Where are they taking us today?  When are they coming back?  How long would it take us to drive to Pittsburgh?”

When the Grandparents leave, the babysitter comes back.

And she’s a great babysitter, but unlike the Grandparents, she doesn’t work for free.

When the Grandparents leave there isn’t anyone around to say “Do you have any laundry that needs folded?” or “Take some chicken out of the freezer, I’ll make dinner tonight” or
“Grab your ladder, I’ll help you clean out the gutters”.  For the last week and half most of the work got split up between 4 people.  Now it’s back to 2.

When the Grandparents leave even the kids notice that time gets tight again.  Bath time is shorter.  There’s less time for reading books before bed and a little less time for catch in the back yard.

When the Grandparents leave I have to start paying for my own gas and groceries and dinners out again because there isn’t anyone around to say “Ah….save your money…..I got this…” even though I’ve been telling them for years that they don’t have to pay for EVERYTHING when they come to town.

When the Grandparents leave, the audience gets smaller and there’s a little less attention to go around.  From what I can see, no one in the world gets more enjoyment out of “Listen how good I can read now Grammy! Watch how far I can throw a baseball, Pap Pap!  Let me play you a new song I learned on the piano!” than visiting Grandparents.

When the Grandparents leave, the house seems a little empty and everyone in it gets kind of grumpy, at least for a little while.

Because even though all families are crazy in their own way, there’s nothing more gratifying than watching your kids love their Grandparents and watching their Grandparents love them right back: a hundred fold.

Someone famous once said, “Being a Grandparent is the greatest job in the world.  All you have to do is be short on criticism and long on love.”

Safe travels, folks.  Call us when you get home.



  • That’s great. The grandparents just left our house too. Not sure how long the food supplies will last.

  • Rosemary wrote:

    That made my nose run and my eyes leak. So true and your folks are great role models for how to grandparent well.

  • margekerlin wrote:

    OH, MIke, I enjoyed the grandparents blog so very much. How we love our “job” ! Hugs to the most beautiful kids in the world. Love, Ma

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