What Should We Call the Band?

Did you ever stop to think that for as challenging as it must be to PUT a band together, it must be equally as challenging to come with a cool name for your band.

It’s gotta be short….and memorable….and It should be a fun name….but not too fun…otherwise no one will take you seriously.  And it’s okay if it’s an edgy name, but it can’t be too edgy…..otherwise you’ll just end up with like 6 nerdy goth kids listening to your band……and no one wants that.

And, of course, it’s got to sound contemporary….but not too contemporary…because it’s gotta be timeless….just in case you and your buddies end up being as big as the Beatles, or whatever.

See what I mean?  It’s challenging.

All that said, here are 10 bands that get the award for “probably should’ve put a litttttle more thought into your name”

10. Goo Goo Dolls (it’s either a baby with mushed up carrots all over its face or one of those ugly prizes you win at the state fair)
9. Blue Oyster Cult (sounds like a compound in Waco)
8. Jethro Tull (wasn’t he Ellie Mae’s cousin on the Beverly Hillbilles)
7. Travelling Wilburys (sounds dirty)
6. Steely Dan (IS Dirty)
5. Sniff N’ The Tears (sounds like a bad ventriloquist act),
4. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (all you need is an appearance from Billy Mummy and you have bad episode of the old TV Show Lost In Space)
3. Fleetwood Mac (does it come with a sesame seed bun?)
2. Supertramp (is it a Disney movie or a lady who’s been walking the streets for way too long?)

1. And for the worst band name of all time, the award goes to:  Mott The Hoople.

I know they named themselves after a book……but from what I recall……it wasn’t that great of a book to begin with.  Both parts together “Mott….The Hoople” remind me of a character name from that old TV show HR Puffenstuff …..and if you separate the names, the Mott part reminds me of applesauce…..and Hoople makes me think of the “Don’t squeeze the charmin” guy from those old TV commercials ………

Applesauce, toilet paper, and HR Puffenstuff aren’t exactly the hallmarks of rock n roll.  But fortunately, history judges a band by the music it makes and not by its name.

Because when you think about…..The Beatles isn’t really that great of a band name either…..but it didn’t seem to hurt them any.


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