Well this just shoots my parenting plan STRAIGHT to Hell

(NEWSER) – Some 30% of UK parents think playing with their children is boring, a new poll finds. The poll, commissioned by Disneyland Paris, looked at how parents spent recreational time with their children. More than a fifth hadn’t played with their kids in such a long time that they had forgotten how, the Independent reports. The kicker? Many kids aren’t fooled—15% said they realized their parents were bored while playing with them.

Mike’s Thoughts:  See, it’s stories like this that really bug me.

Here’s why:  these are essentially useless findings because you can’t do anything positive with them.

As a parent, what are my options?  Should I not spend any play time with my kids?  Should I all of a sudden figure out how to get really interested in playing with dolls?  Should I do a better job of hiding my bored face?

Come on.

If I make the time to play with my kids, even if they know we’re doing something I’m not really all that interested in, it shows them that I care enough about them to spend time with them.

Sounds like a win to me.

And besides, I look totally bitchin’ as the Little Mermaid.

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