The Y Chromosome and the 100 Word Theory

I’ve always considered myself very fortunate to have 2 girls and a boy at home mainly because I do believe that boys and girls are fundamentally different in a lot of ways and getting to watch them all grow up before my eyes seems to prove that point over and over again.

We do this thing at dinner time at my house where everyone takes turns talking about their day; what they did, what made them happy, what made them upset, and like that.

With the girls, it’s not real difficult to get them to talk.

In fact, both usually start talking long before it’s their turn.  If nothing interesting happened to them on a given day, they just make something up.

The other night Lily told us at length how she went to China that morning.  No one batted an eye.  And honestly, I don’t think either of the girls care if anyone is even listening.

My son is the complete opposite.

At 10 years old he’s already the king of the one-word answer.  Much to the chagrin of his mother.

How was school today?  Good.

What did you do?  Nothing.

Did anything make you happy or upset?  No. Not really.

How was your spelling test?  Fine.  Can I have something to eat?  I’m hungry.

My friend Joe has a theory that goes something like this:

No matter how young or how old, boys only get 100 words a day.

We can use them any way we want.

(Ideally we’d like to use them talking about sports but that doesn’t always work out.)

If you’re a kid, you can choose to use them the way your Mom wants you to.

If you’re married you can choose to use them the way your wife wants you to.

But after that we dudes can’t talk for the rest of the day.

And after Evan has spent a whole day talking to his friends and answering the teacher’s questions at school, well, the poor kid is just out of words.

And he’s fortunate in that his sisters can more than pick up the slack.

I personally put a lot of stock in Joe’s 100 word theory.

I think Anne buys it but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it.

And I would love to respond to her concerns, but in telling this story I’ve more than used up my 100 words for today.


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