The No-Belly Belly Flop

4th of July festivities at my pool included the yearly belly-flop competition.  When I was a kid the belly-flop contest was dominated by middle aged guys who’d been putting solid work into a 20 year beer belly.  Very little technique in those days.….it was just an exercise in volume displacement.  Apparently, those days are gone.

Other than kids, the only “grown ups” I saw in this competition were early 20-something guys with six-pack abs who looked like they just stepped out of a magazine.
(Side-note:Isn’t it a pre-requisite that you HAVE a belly to be in a belly flop contest?????)
A buddy of mine said “Even if I thought I could win, why would I ever subject myself to climbing onto the diving board after one of those studs?”  A point well-taken.

The champ (5 years running now), and I kid you not, bounced on the board 3 times,  must’ve gone at least 20  feet into the air, and did a 2 and a half somersault before going completely spread eagle into the water.  Big points for splash.  Big points for style.  Big Big BIG points for pain.  And yeah, it was impressive.

And hopefully his six pack abs and belly flop win streak will be of great comfort to him in 10 years when all those belly flops have taken their toll and his grapes have turned into raisins.

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