The Kindergarten Learning Curve

When I was a kid, kindergarten was a half day program so you either went in the morning or the afternoon.

We had story time, playground time, and nap time but there really wasn’t a whole lot to it educationally speaking.  No spelling tests, no book reports, and no homework when I was in kindergarten.

Sure, there was the occasional potty emergency or “mm…this paste SURE tastes good!” emergency but since the main objective was just to introduce kids to the idea of being in school and away from home, the kindergarten learning curve just wasn’t very steep, if you know what I’m saying.

Obviously, things are a little different these days.

Earlier this week I was driving the kids to piano lessons and my 10 year old son was reading aloud from a book, when all of a sudden, my 5 year old daughter Jo Jo shouted, “Daddy daddy, I just had a text to self connection!”

Uhhh..that’s great honey.  Are you…okay?  Do you need a band aid?  Is that something I need to call Mom about?  What is a text to self connection?”

Looking in the rearview mirror, I could actually SEE my daughter roll her eyes at me as if to say “Wow….it’s amazing he’s made it as far as he has in life…”

Putting on her best patronizing voice, Jo said “Daddy, a text to self connection is when someone is reading a book to you and something in the story reminds you of something you did in your own life.”

Not to be outsmarted by a kindergartner I said, “Well, of course that’s what it is, honey.  I was just testing you.  So, what did Evan read that triggered your text to self connection?”

After another eye roll, Jo said “He was reading a story about the President going to China.”

Having lost the trail of bread crumbs at this point, I said, “Oh, I see.  And how did that remind you of something you did in your own life?”

After making eye contact with me in the rearview mirror my 5 year old said, “I haven’t done it yet Daddy but I’m definitely going to go to China and I’m probably going to be President someday too.”

And then she went back to drawing pictures on her little note pad.

Obviously, Jo’s future is a long way off and the China thing seems pretty feasible.  By the time she’s my age she’ll probably be able to tele-port herself to China for lunch and be back within the hour.

As for being President, who can say?

All I know at this point is that she seems to have learned more in 4 weeks of kindergarten than I learned throughout my entire freshman year of college.

I guess you could call that MY text to self connection for the day.

Now that I know what one is.


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