While the radio dial of the 21st Century seems to be largely filled with raging ego-maniacs who shout at their listeners, Mike Casey has found a niche with a relaxed “throw-back” approach that engages the audience by sharing humorous and relatable anecdotes from his own personal life in addition to an encyclopedic knowledge of rock n’ roll.
Though it’s almost unheard of for a jock to stay with the same radio station for any length of time, Casey’s 8 year stint with 99.5 The Mountain is a testament not only to his adaptability, but also to his broad appeal and strong base of listener support.
In 2007, Mike Casey received 5280 Magazine’s Editor’s Choice “Top of the Town– Best Music Radio DJ” award.
The 5280 Editors said, “We fancy our tuneage at the hands of a true craftsman, someone who possesses encyclopedic knowledge, yet isn’t too impressed by it.  Those traits come to life weekedays during Casey’s forays into album rock.”
Check out Mike’s radio world and listen to him live here: