Mmmm.….tastes like.….red.….

In an attempt to get people to eat more veggies, a Miami-Florida-based company is coming out with red-colored celery in order to give a “colorful crunch” to salads and dips.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods plans to market the product under the name Celery Sensations. The mutant vegetable was created by cross-pollinating commercial green celery with old-world heritage celery root.

Mike’s Thoughts:

Dear Red Celery Producers–

Here’s a better idea:  try to develop a strain of celery that tastes like something other than low impact styrofoam that’s been sprayed with varnish.  I think this could go a lot farther toward helping celery sales numbers than changing the color will.

Until this change has been made, celery, regardless of color, will continue to be good for one thing and one thing only:  stirring a Bloody Mary.

Please do not stalk me, as no amount of persuasion will change my mind on this matter.


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