Get Your 80s Geek On!

So, every weekday morning at 8a on the Mike Casey Radio Get Together (99.5 The Mountain on your FM dial or ) I dig out some pseudo-hip musical nugget from the 1980s, tell a little story about the song.…or the band…or both, and then play the song.

I call it the Resurrection Jukebox.

I’m not saying you HAVE to listen to it or anything, but if you do, I can almost GUARANTEE (not in any legally binding sense of the word of course) that the forces of gravity that have ravaged your body over the last 25 years will be totally REVERSED!

If you’re a guy, your hairline will stop receeding immediately!

And those old parachute pants in your closet?  They’ll fit better than they ever did back in 1983!

Should you want to test this scientifically proven theory, just click below and feast your ears on this Resurrection Jukebox!  (Also stops growth of unwanted ear hair.)

Ress Juke 5–7

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