Catholicism Gets All 21st Century and Stuff

Found this little tidbit kind of interesting:

(NEWSER) – Have something you need to confess? There’s an app for that. “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” has actually been sanctioned by the Catholic Church in the US,Reuters reports. The app will walk you through the process as well as offer you a “personalized examination of conscience,” according to the company that created it. Little iApps made the app with the help of two priests, and an Indiana bishop officially gave Catholics the OK to use it.

Our desire is to invite Catholics to engage in their faith through digital technology,” says one creator, but the company adds that the $1.99 app doesn’t actually replace confessing to a priest—Catholics must still do that for absolution. Rather, it’s designed to aid Catholics through the sacrament, and has already helped one man return to confession after 20 years. The company says it was inspired by the pope’s message last year discussing the importance of a Christian digital presence. Click for more examples of digital Catholicism.

Mike’s Thoughts:

1.  I get a great dose of enjoyment out of the use of the phrase “personalized examination of your conscience”.  It’s an IPHONE APP, fer gawd’s sakes.  How “personal” can the examination be?

2.  Anyone else concerned about the idea of creating a digital paper trail of one’s sins?

3.  I can’t for the life of me figure out how a new fangled Iphone app is going to properly communicate the sense of fear, guilt and shame to the user in a manner that’s even marginally as effective as good old fashioned face-to-face confession was.

Where is the guilt, I ask you?  WHERE IS THE GUILT??

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