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Octogenarian Nookie

Before my wife Anne and I got married we were living on a houseboat in Seattle. Now, before you envision floating mansions like the ones you saw with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in “Sleepless in Seattle”, our crib was more like a tar paper shack sitting on pontoons.  Sorta like the Dukes of Hazard […]

Chasing the Storm Chasers

When I was in Haysville Kansas for my son’s All Star tournament last Summer, I got to be friendly with a local guy named Vern who was the grounds keeper for the baseball complex. Just so you have the right picture in your mind, Vern is about 6’4” and maybe a biscuit shy of 300 […]

Casio Keyboard RAWK! Circa 1979

I don’t know what it is about weekends, but that’s when I seem to get most of my 80’s Flashbacks. It’s nearly impossible to have a REAL 80’s Flashback without one of the following: 1.  Movie starring John Cusack 2.  Parachute Pants 3.  Proto-typical 80s synth-pop song Admittedly, I am no John Cusack and I […]

When the World Seemed Alive With Possibilities

While I was walking through a parking lot last week, I saw two teenage boys, maybe 17 at most, climbing into a newish Black hummer, the size of a Sherman tank. I think what first caught my attention was the general young-life joviality of the two boys.  Though I wasn’t close enough to hear what […]