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Holy Shit! It’s DOUG! No wayyyy maaaaan…

So Doug is a pal of mine.  My wife Anne works for his company.  His wife Penne consults (read: “nags”) on my feeble attempts at social networking and blogging and such.  Our boys play sports together, and so on and so on. Yesterday I’m rolling home from a park outing with my 3 kids when my […]

Mike Casey Interviews Carlos Santana– 2010

In May of 2010, Carlos Santana started a long term residency at “The Joint” in Las Vegas. Just before his show opened, I got the chance to speak to Carlos about his decision to play Vegas, his big break at the age of 17, and his more than 40 years in the music business. And best […]

Update from Casey-Ville

1.  Perhaps my vision is going but there must be a sign on the bathroom door at my house that only my kids can read.  It must say something like “Ohh.…I’m sooooo lonely in here.…please come in and ask me what I’m doing a coupla dozen times…”   2.  My friends Rick and Susan just spent […]

What “Fair” Means to a Seven Year Old

Lately we’ve been struggling with the notion of “fair” at my house. Actually, let me clarify:  my wife and I seem to have the concept mostly down. Our 3 kids?  Not so much. In fact, they seem to regularly confuse the idea of “fair” with the notion that somehow everyone everywhere (siblings, parents, random strangers) is out […]