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Better Living Through Technology

So, I double checked my calendar this morning.  We’re nearly 1/3rd of the way through the year 2011.  More than a full decade into the 21st Century now and I gotta level with you.  I’m starting to feel like I was gypped.  Like I was sold a bill of goods when I was a kid […]

The Language of Sales-aka Wherein My Brother Gets All “Glenngarry Glenn Ross” On Me

Did you ever notice that each and every profession seems to have its own special language? I.T. professionals talk about servers, IP addresses and cold boots. Attorneys seem to like throwing around Latin phrases like habeus corpus and jurisprudence. And doctors are always talking in acronyms and saying things like “Get me a CAT Scan!” stat!  […]

The Celebrity Doppelganger Phenomenon

My friend Scott is the KING of the celebrity doppelganger phenomenon. I say this because in all the times we’ve gotten together, he’s never once failed to say, “Dude…you know you look like?” (Well, in the above picture I look like a weinie in a red suit coat.) The best part? He says I look like someone different. […]

A Tribute to Susie Wargin’s Hair

So, this is my pal Susie Wargin, 9 News Sports Anchor. About once a week she graciously comes on my radio show and chats about sports.…and stuff. Believe it or not, in most situations like this, the “guest” who appears on someone else’s show generally receives a fee of some kind for their services. Since […]