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The Brain-Mouth Filter

So, after we all watched the Broncos dispense with Tom Brady and the Patriots on Sunday I’m betting a lot of us tuned in for the NFC title game to find out who we’d be facing in Super Bowl XVIII. Turned out to be a pretty good game between the Seahawks and the 49’ers with Seattle […]

Winston Churchill, Catch Football, And Wanton Parental Contradiction

  I hate to sound like one of those cantankerous mid-40’s white dudes who spends all his time bitching about how much better the world was when he was a kid but my wife says it’s one of my strong suits, so I’m just going to go with it. The focus of today’s mid-life bitchery has to […]

3 Football-Isms That MUST Go Away

  Like a lot of red blooded American boys, I spent a decent amount of time watching football this weekend. I don’t want to come across as overly critical here, but am I the only one who’s noticed that most Football Announcers seem to recycle the same few catch phrases over and over again without […]

What should we call the band?

I know it’s really crossed the line into the mundane but I started thinking about band names this morning. I would think that for as challenging as it must be to PUT a band together, and keep it together for any length of time, it must be equally as challenging to come with a cool […]