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Window Fans As a Metaphor For Marital Challenges

As I may have mentioned a couple dozen times before, I’m not a native of Colorado. Having been here for 9 years now, I gotta tell you, in general, I think we have really outstanding weather. Sure, It can be a bit on the dry side, but we get a ton of sunshine, 4 recognizable […]

Better Living Through Technology

So, I double checked my calendar this morning.  We’re nearly 1/3rd of the way through the year 2011.  More than a full decade into the 21st Century now and I gotta level with you.  I’m starting to feel like I was gypped.  Like I was sold a bill of goods when I was a kid […]

Catholicism Gets All 21st Century and Stuff

Found this little tidbit kind of interesting: (NEWSER) – Have something you need to confess? There’s an app for that. “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” has actually been sanctioned by the Catholic Church in the US,Reuters reports. The app will walk you through the process as well as offer you a “personalized examination of conscience,” according […]

Power Out– Alarm No Worky

About 1 o’clock Tuesday morning the wife woke me up from a sound sleep to tell me that a thunderstorm had knocked out the power to our house which meant my alarm clocks wasn’t going to work.  And when you get up at 3 in the morning, this sort of thing can be disastrous. Here […]