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No Shin Guards Without a Phone Number

Over the weekend, I went to a Sporting Goods store here in Denver to get some new soccer shin guards for my 7 year old daughter. I tried to tell her that getting cleated repeatedly in the shins was actually a good learning experience that would serve her well later in life when she grew […]

Life Is a Total Scam: Get Used to It, Kid

  Earlier this week my 11 year old son and I made our bi-weekly (or so it seems) trip to Sports Authority.   Despite the fact that our plan was to get a mouth guard, I walked into the store with the knowledge that both Home Depot and Sports Authority are just like those old […]

3 Football-Isms That MUST Go Away

  Like a lot of red blooded American boys, I spent a decent amount of time watching football this weekend. I don’t want to come across as overly critical here, but am I the only one who’s noticed that most Football Announcers seem to recycle the same few catch phrases over and over again without […]

The Family Bike Ride

Sunday is family day over at my house. Whatever might be on the agenda that day, Anne and I try to clear out at least a little space to make sure that the two of us and our 3 kids spend some time together doing something fun… going to the zoo….or the park……or the swimming pool.  […]