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The Ira Glass Experience

                    On Saturday night, the wife and I ambled up to Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder to hear Ira Glass speak. If the name isn’t familiar, Ira is the creative force behind and the host of the NPR show (WBEZ in Chicago, technically) This American Life. If you’ve […]

The Promise of Bruce Springsteen

                I know it’s easy to be cynical in this day and age.  In fact, unless you live in a yurt out in the middle of the woods where you hunt for your food, abstain from all media, and focus on growing a neck beard that you only occasionally […]

5 Important Things I Learned At Disney World

News came down this week that after 41 years as alcohol-free facilities, Disney World and Disney Land are going to allow alcohol to be served at their new “Be Our Guest” Restaurant, but only during the dinner hours.   After offering my own cherry “Huzzah!” to this news, I was reminded of a Disney trip […]

The Price of Convenience

  Earlier this week I stopped at one of those convenience store slash gas stations to fill up my tank and while I was standing 6 deep in line at the counter to turn over my money, I started looking around the store.   While the space itself couldn’t have been much bigger than 50 feet […]