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5 Random Thoughts On Random Things Delivered.…Randomly

1.  Yet another dividing line between men and women:  Those little teeny-tiny Lean Cuisine style frozen dinners.  Do people really eat those?  In what strange world could one of those constitute a meal? Last time my buddies and I went out on the town, we put 3 or 4 dozen of those on sticks and […]

Mike Casey Interviews Carlos Santana– 2010

In May of 2010, Carlos Santana started a long term residency at “The Joint” in Las Vegas. Just before his show opened, I got the chance to speak to Carlos about his decision to play Vegas, his big break at the age of 17, and his more than 40 years in the music business. And best […]

So, how did Meat Loaf get his nickname?

Born into a family of Gospel Singers in Dallas Texas, there are about 12 thousand different stories circulating about how young Marvin Lee Aday came up with his famous stage name but the most plausible of them all goes something like this: Being a somewhat, shall we say, “sizeable” lad, Marvin grew up playing football.  In […]