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The Promise of Bruce Springsteen

                I know it’s easy to be cynical in this day and age.  In fact, unless you live in a yurt out in the middle of the woods where you hunt for your food, abstain from all media, and focus on growing a neck beard that you only occasionally […]

Grocery Store Rock-Ology

    When I was a kid and my Mom would drag me to the grocery store with her, I seem to recall that as far as the music playing in the store, there wasn’t a lot to write home about. My guess is that back then grocery shopping music might’ve been coming from a local […]

So, How Did Meatloaf Get His Nickname?

Born into a family of Gospel Singers in Dallas Texas, there are about 12 thousand different stories circulating about how young Marvin Lee Aday came up with his famous stage name but the most plausible of them all goes something like this: Being a somewhat, shall we say, “sizeable” lad, Marvin grew up playing football.  In […]

What should we call the band?

I know it’s really crossed the line into the mundane but I started thinking about band names this morning. I would think that for as challenging as it must be to PUT a band together, and keep it together for any length of time, it must be equally as challenging to come with a cool […]