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The Torch of Fashion Dork-i-tude

Just so we get it out of the way upfront, let me state for the record that I love my Dad, Wes. He’s always been a supportive and encouraging Father, a good listener, a strong advisor, and an excellent role model. In terms of the luck of the draw, I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better […]

The Cold, Hard Realities of the Women’s Book Club Phenomenon

Anne and some of her friends put together a monthly book club a few years ago, and last night, the gals decided they’d invite their spouses along so we could get an up close and personal look at this women’s book club phenomenon. Here are a few quick observations on that subject: 1. From […]

When Then Grandparents Leave

Yesterday morning my folks headed out to DIA for their return trip back to Pittsburgh after a 10 day visit here in Denver. Here are some quick thoughts on how life changes at our house when the Grandparents pack up and head back home: When the grandparents leave all 3 of my kids wake up every […]

Winston Churchill, Catch Football, And Wanton Parental Contradiction

  I hate to sound like one of those cantankerous mid-40’s white dudes who spends all his time bitching about how much better the world was when he was a kid but my wife says it’s one of my strong suits, so I’m just going to go with it. The focus of today’s mid-life bitchery has to […]