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More Goodwill– Less Assholery

I know it’s the Holiday Season and everyone is trying to be cheery and happy and all that. And I hate to be the Grinchy McGrincherson who slinks in to jam your holiday spirit up your chimbley and so forth but there’s something I gotta get off my chest here. It could just be garden variety holiday […]

When Then Grandparents Leave

Yesterday morning my folks headed out to DIA for their return trip back to Pittsburgh after a 10 day visit here in Denver. Here are some quick thoughts on how life changes at our house when the Grandparents pack up and head back home: When the grandparents leave all 3 of my kids wake up every […]

Let There Be Light

If you spent any time outside two weekends ago, you may have noticed a low grade grumbling sound moving across the front-range in intermittent waves. No need to panic.  That was just the sound of men everywhere responding to the following observation from their wives:  “Supposed to be pretty warm this weekend, honey.  You might […]

Is the Mark-Up on Greeting Cards Like 11 Million Percent??

Of all the money I’ve spent so far this holiday season, the only purchase that actually sticks in my head is one I didn’t make.  Nothing against the holiday greeting card industry, but generally speaking, I’m just not a big card giver.  I figure if anyone in my life is really desperate for bad puns […]