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Grocery Store Rock-Ology

    When I was a kid and my Mom would drag me to the grocery store with her, I seem to recall that as far as the music playing in the store, there wasn’t a lot to write home about. My guess is that back then grocery shopping music might’ve been coming from a local […]

What Fair Means To A 7 Year Old

Lately we’ve been struggling with the notion of “fair” at my house. Actually, let me clarify:  my wife and I seem to have the concept mostly down. Our 3 kids?  Not so much. In fact, they seem to regularly confuse the idea of “fair” with the notion that somehow everyone everywhere (siblings, parents, random strangers) is out […]

How about a nice Screwdriver Salad?

My brother Brian recently moved from Minneapolis to Denver. If you’ve ever undertaken a cross-country move you know that even under the best of circumstances it provides any number of logistical challenges. In his case, he’s been commuting back and forth for about a month now in addition to regular travel for his job so […]

389 Years of Thanksgiving

It’s generally acknowledged by most historians that the first Thanksgiving celebration occurred 389 years ago, back in 1621.  After an especially difficult first year in the Americas, Plymouth Colonists and Wampanaog Indians joined together in an Autumn Feast to share in that year’s harvest as a symbol of cooperation and interaction. I wonder if there […]