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Who saves a receipt for a G**damned Bath Mat??”

As my wife will be the first to tell you, I’m a stickler when it comes to customer service. Call me old school if you will, but for whatever reason I just have this wacky idea that any retailer who wants to earn my business should be doing cartwheels and jumping through hoops of fire […]

No Shin Guards Without a Phone Number

Over the weekend, I went to a Sporting Goods store here in Denver to get some new soccer shin guards for my 7 year old daughter. I tried to tell her that getting cleated repeatedly in the shins was actually a good learning experience that would serve her well later in life when she grew […]

Grocery Store Rock-Ology

    When I was a kid and my Mom would drag me to the grocery store with her, I seem to recall that as far as the music playing in the store, there wasn’t a lot to write home about. My guess is that back then grocery shopping music might’ve been coming from a local […]

Welcome to the Black Hole Known as “Customer Service”

Turns out my Ma over there in Pittsburgh got the “wrong” Wii game for a Christmas present for one of our kids.  Being the Ma she is, she called me in a panic and asked if maybe, just maybe, I’d trudge on over to the big box retail store where she bought the game and […]