Casio Keyboard RAWK! Circa 1979

I don’t know what it is about weekends, but that’s when I seem to get most of my 80’s Flashbacks.

It’s nearly impossible to have a REAL 80’s Flashback without one of the following:

1.  Movie starring John Cusack

2.  Parachute Pants

3.  Proto-typical 80s synth-pop song

Admittedly, I am no John Cusack and I gave my parachute pants away.  (I’m sure my brother still has them.)

So, here’s a little encyclopedic overview of one of those 80s synth pop songs.  (And yes, I realize it came out in 1979.  Don’t hassle me over details, people.  It SOUNDS 80s)

Click below to enjoy.

Gary Numan Cars

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