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Right way. Wrong way. Rick’s way.

      It never rains in Denver. Well, except for the last 8 STRAIGHT ****-in’ days when it literally hasn’t stopped raining.   I saw a damn DUCK sitting under a pine tree this morning! You know how WET it has to be for a DUCK to seek dry ground?   Tomorrow’s forecast calls […]

A Lesson From the Old Man

A Lesson From the Old Man When I was about 19, my parents bought a second car. For most of my life we’d only had one but with 4 drivers now in the house, the whole “who gets the car tonight?” discussion was turning into a slightly more polite version of a WWF Smackdown. So the […]

Back to School (Sniff, Sniff)

(If you’d rather listen to an audio version of this post as opposed to, you know, READING it, you may do so by clicking arrow and link at bottom of page.  You’re welcome.)   So, like a lot of Colorado parents this week, I’m saying a semi-official goodbye to the summer of 2014. When you […]

The Speed of Life

  When I was a kid and I used to go to work with my Dad, I could never figure out why the family pictures in his office were at least 10 years out of date. In addition to the horror of having to see a desk picture of yourself in kindergarten or 1st grade when you’re […]