5 Random Thoughts On Random Things Delivered.…Randomly

1.  Yet another dividing line between men and women:  Those little teeny-tiny Lean Cuisine style frozen dinners.  Do people really eat those?  In what strange world could one of those constitute a meal? Last time my buddies and I went out on the town, we put 3 or 4 dozen of those on sticks and ate ‘em as hors d’oeuvres.  Now THAT is MAN-food.  Almost.…..

2.  Near my house there’s a billboard with a picture of Suzanne Somers on it that says “Beat menopause naturally!”

Someone spray painted “Take it out on your husband!” at the bottom of the billboard.

Even in spray paint I could tell it was my wife’s handwriting.

Kind of ruined the joke for me, I gotta admit.

3.  No idea how old she is but I think I have a thing for ABC’s Diane Sawyer.   Maybe it’s just the way she says “hard news” that does it for me. Ahem.…

4.  Here’s something that’s a drag:  When I was in High School, OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) was a fairly hip band.…in a left of center kinda way.…sort of “smart” new wave, if you will.…(well, smarter than Billy Squier and more New Wave than the Scorpions anyway) sure they were a bit mid-80s keyboard wussy too.…but having all their songs in those John Hughes films (like Pretty in Pink, for example) certainly helped their credibility.

Cut to this very week in 2011 and I’m walking down the hall here at radio station HQ and what’s playing on the overhead but “If You Leave”.…by OMD.

ON KOSI 101!  The Adult Contemporary station!

(In another episode perhaps I’ll tell you about Brienne Colby who kind of used “If You Leave” to dump my sorry ass thereby ruining the song for me forever.)

It’s not bad enough that my life has already been relegated to nostalgia, at this point I can only conclude that either I’ve become a middle aged woman who fancies Continuous Lite Rock OR I was never all that cool to begin with.

5.  The youngest Casey, Jo Jo, is 5 years old and has fully embraced the notion of “choose your battles”.

Her latest battle?  She absolutely refuses to sit down at the dinner table.

She’ll stand on her chair.…she’ll lay down on her chair.….she’ll climb on the table.

But she absolutely will not sit on her chair the right way and eat her dinner.

So every night at dinner it’s about the same drill.  I say “Jo, you have to sit down the right way at the table and eat your dinner.”

She starts screaming “no, NO, NO!” like I’m pulling her hair out or something and then throws herself onto the floor in a high quality “life is sooooo unfair” tantrum.

I give her the, “Jo…if you don’t want to sit at the table with us you’re going to have to go sit in your room until you’re ready to join us again.”

So she marches off to her room stomping her feet and screaming the whole way.  In about 2 min she comes back to the dining room and says “I ready now, Daddy…”  And then the whole thing starts all over again.

So this weekend all 3 of the kids are sitting at the table eating breakfast when I come into the room.  Jo takes one look at me and says “I going to me room, Daddy.”

I said “Why?” She said “because I not going to wisten to you…”

(No DNA test needed…clearly she’s her mother’s child…)

The pre-emptive self-inflicted time out?

I don’t think Dr. Spock ever covered that in his child-rearing books.

Or maybe he did and I just blew off reading it in favor of listening to OMD while watching Diane Sawyer and snacking on Lean Cuisines…..on a damn stick.


  • Aunt Buddy wrote:

    I love the determination and the honesty surrounding that girl, JO_JO!! she is one great little girl!

  • All seems reasonable to me, perfectly randomly perfect for you.

  • Scott Hasbrouck wrote:

    It wasn’t that long ago I actually heard Ozzy in the grocery store. I think that’s about on par with OMD on KOSI.

  • Scott Hasbrouck wrote:

    It wasn’t too long ago I heard Ozzy in the grocery store. I think that’s about on par with OMD on KOSI.

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