33% of Women Say Their Dogs Are Better Listeners Than Their Husbands

A third of married women with pets consider their animals to be better listeners than their husbands, an AP poll found. And it’s not just women who reach out for furry support—18% of men say their pets are better listeners than their wives. “You definitely feel much more comfortable sharing your problems,” said one New York husband. “A little lick from a big dog can go a long way.”

Pets are great because they provide us with unconditional support,” said one pet psychologist. “They never talk back, never give us the wrong opinion, and they are always there for us. As much as we love our spouses or significant others, sometimes they are not there, sometimes they have their own thoughts about how we should deal with situations.”

Mike’s Thoughts:

A.  I believe that the only reason women have friends is so that they have someone to “listen” to them.  Between friends and this new information about dogs, shouldn’t that pretty much cover it?  Do men REALLY have to listen?  Isn’t it just overkill at a certain point?

B.  I find it ironic that my wife really only seems to want to “talk” when I’m in the middle of doing something else or when there’s 3 minutes left in the biggest sporting event of a given week.  Ladies– try talking to a dog while he’s eating and see what kind of response you get.  It’s sort of the same thing with guys.  Wait until we’re doing nothing and you have a much better shot at getting our attention.

C. It’s possible that dogs SEEM like better listeners because they can’t actually UNDERSTAND what women are saying.  10–20 years of “does this make me look fat?” and “You said you would be home 4 hours ago!” and even the friendliest dog in the world would be tuning out too.

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