Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Family Bike Ride

Sunday is family day over at my house. Whatever might be on the agenda that day, Anne and I try to clear out at least a little space to make sure that the two of us and our 3 kids spend some time together doing something fun… going to the zoo….or the park……or the swimming pool.  […]

Garage Sale Leftovers– AKA Crap for Sale

It’s taken me a long time to admit it but you know what? I really hate garage sales. I hate going to ‘em and I hate having ‘em. If I really wanted to know how much money I’ve spent on useless stuff in my life or wanted people to rifle through my drawers placing a dollar […]

What Fair Means To A 7 Year Old

Lately we’ve been struggling with the notion of “fair” at my house. Actually, let me clarify:  my wife and I seem to have the concept mostly down. Our 3 kids?  Not so much. In fact, they seem to regularly confuse the idea of “fair” with the notion that somehow everyone everywhere (siblings, parents, random strangers) is out […]