Monthly Archives: May 2011

The World’s Most Complicated Soap

The last time I tried to shower in a hotel, I couldn’t find a bar of soap for the life of me. After running out of patience for my bumbling around Anne finally said, “Hey, knuckle-head, the soap is right here!” and she handed me a little cardboard box that said “Waste Reducing Exfoliating Body Cleanser” […]

The Rabid Injustice of Bike Shorts

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in Denver.  How you feeling about yourself, today? Fit?  Toned?  Ready to show some skin if need be? A word of advice from middle-aged man headquarters– do NOT ruin your mojo by trying on bike shorts. Have you had this experience before?  Wow.  Talk about the great equalizer. Bike shorts are […]

So, How Did Meatloaf Get His Nickname?

Born into a family of Gospel Singers in Dallas Texas, there are about 12 thousand different stories circulating about how young Marvin Lee Aday came up with his famous stage name but the most plausible of them all goes something like this: Being a somewhat, shall we say, “sizeable” lad, Marvin grew up playing football.  In […]