Monthly Archives: March 2011

What should we call the band?

I know it’s really crossed the line into the mundane but I started thinking about band names this morning. I would think that for as challenging as it must be to PUT a band together, and keep it together for any length of time, it must be equally as challenging to come with a cool […]

Welcome to Dad-Ville: The No Man’s Land of Parenting

It occurred to me just this morning that my oldest child is almost eleven years old now, which means that I’ve been a parent for a little over ten years. While even my wife would grudgingly admit that I’ve figured out any number of important parental unit type things in the last decade, I’ve recently latched […]

Better Living Through Technology

So, I double checked my calendar this morning.  We’re nearly 1/3rd of the way through the year 2011.  More than a full decade into the 21st Century now and I gotta level with you.  I’m starting to feel like I was gypped.  Like I was sold a bill of goods when I was a kid […]

Dad Lesson #422

As I was rolling out of my driveway this morning just before 4 am I noticed that our milkman was headed up to the door to make our twice weekly delivery. Aside from my recurring observation that with the amount of milk my kids go through in a week it might just be cheaper for […]