Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Culture of Celebration

After the Bronco’s season tumbled headlong into the abyss around mid-September, I found myself still watching football games but noticing the excessive after-play celebrations even more than I usually do. And even if you’re just a casual football fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Professional football players get paid millions upon millions of […]

Is the Mark-Up on Greeting Cards Like 11 Million Percent??

Of all the money I’ve spent so far this holiday season, the only purchase that actually sticks in my head is one I didn’t make.  Nothing against the holiday greeting card industry, but generally speaking, I’m just not a big card giver.  I figure if anyone in my life is really desperate for bad puns […]

Never Trust A 5 Year Old With a Christmas Surprise

After 13 years of marriage, I’ve FINALLY convinced Anne that rather than spending a lot of money we really don’t have and giving each other a bunch of things we really don’t need, we should just get each other one gift this year. Limit, 100 dollars. With 3 little kids at home and plenty of family […]

Welcome to the Black Hole Known as “Customer Service”

Turns out my Ma over there in Pittsburgh got the “wrong” Wii game for a Christmas present for one of our kids.  Being the Ma she is, she called me in a panic and asked if maybe, just maybe, I’d trudge on over to the big box retail store where she bought the game and […]