Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Never Ending Joy of Flautas

With each passing day there are an alarming number of signs that I’m having yet another mid-life crisis. Friends who have known me for a long time might suggest I’ve been having a series of mid-life crises since I was 15, but screw them.  They probably just know I have dirt on them and they’re […]

The Not So Brave New World

I know I’m facing the wrath of child protective services here, but you know what one my kid’s favorite things in the world is? When I let them sit in the way back cargo area of my Subaru wagon on the 4 block ride home from school.  I know.  Thrilling, ain’t it? Granted, traveling backward in a […]

A Very Tea Party Christmas

(Newser) – Did you know that President Obama ruined Christmas? Well, Elf Peloosi, his wife Lichelle, and Mr. Snore all helped, too. Tea Partier David Hedrick may have lost his bid to be the GOP candidate for Washington’s 3rd District, but he’s on to the next possible career by way of his newly released book: […]

Jon Stewart– King of the World?

NEWSER) – It’s not every comedy show host who warrants an off-the-record talk on the economy with the Treasury chief. But Jon Stewart’s clout apparently knows no bounds. Bloomberg noticed that Tim Geithner’s newly published appointments calendar included a visit to Stewart’s New York office during a busy time in April to discuss all things […]