Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Language of Sales-aka Wherein My Brother Gets All “Glenngarry Glenn Ross” On Me

Did you ever notice that each and every profession seems to have its own special language? I.T. professionals talk about servers, IP addresses and cold boots. Attorneys seem to like throwing around Latin phrases like habeus corpus and jurisprudence. And doctors are always talking in acronyms and saying things like “Get me a CAT Scan!” stat!  […]

Turns Out Not Everybody Likes Me After All

For whatever variety of reasons, my 10 year old son has spent the last couple weeks struggling with the phenomenon I call “nobody likes me”. My teacher doesn’t like me.  My coach doesn’t like me.  You and Mom are always upset with me, etc. etc. Now, objectively speaking, he’s a pretty likable kid.  He’s got a good […]