Monthly Archives: October 2010

Temporary Empty Nest Syndrome

Seems like over the last 4–6 months, my 10 year old son and I have entered that pre-adolescent phase of our Father-Son relationship wherein we spend a lot more time butting heads than we used to when he was a little tyke and he was still under the mistaken impression that I walked on water.  […]

Mmmm.….tastes like.….red.….

In an attempt to get people to eat more veggies, a Miami-Florida-based company is coming out with red-colored celery in order to give a “colorful crunch” to salads and dips. Duda Farm Fresh Foods plans to market the product under the name Celery Sensations. The mutant vegetable was created by cross-pollinating commercial green celery with old-world […]

Indications That Your Kid Is A Sports Fanatic

Like most guys, I’m pretty into sports. But it occurs to me that my 10 year old son is quickly over-taking me as the resident sports fanatic in my house. Here are the 3 main indicators that have led me to this conclusion: #1– This morning I came downstairs to find Evan watching TV.  You know […]

Here bull-y bull-y bull-y.….Aaaaargh.….mi groinage!”

(Newser) If you do decide to knock one back at a Mexican rodeo, be sure to stay on the audience side of the fence. Otherwise, you’ll end up on the receiving end of a bull beat-down with bruises and no shirt. Of course, we should mention that the drunk, for some reason, was already shirtless […]