Monthly Archives: September 2010

Old Guy Schools Me At The Gym

I’m no expert on guys, but here’s one thing I’ve learned in my time as one of ‘em:  men hate, hate, HATE to ask for help. Near as I can figure this is a combination of nature and nuture working together.  It’s probably somewhat hard-wired into man-dom from back in the days when we were hunting […]

The Kindergarten Learning Curve

When I was a kid, kindergarten was a half day program so you either went in the morning or the afternoon. We had story time, playground time, and nap time but there really wasn’t a whole lot to it educationally speaking.  No spelling tests, no book reports, and no homework when I was in kindergarten. […]

The Celebrity Doppelganger Phenomenon

My friend Scott is the KING of the celebrity doppelganger phenomenon. I say this because in all the times we’ve gotten together, he’s never once failed to say, “Dude…you know you look like?” (Well, in the above picture I look like a weinie in a red suit coat.) The best part? He says I look like someone different. […]

I’m All for Cutting Costs But This Seems Like a Not So Great Idea

(NEWSER) – Co-pilots? We don’t need no stinking co-pilots. And it would certainly be cheaper to fly without them, so that’s what Ryanair CEO (and infamous cost-cutter) Michael O’Leary intends to do—or at least try to do. O’Leary, whose company has already rolled out the genius ideas of charging passengers to pee and offering standing-room-only tickets, tells the Financial […]