Monthly Archives: August 2010

New Words To Try Out At Your Next Dinner Party

Every year the Washington Post asks readers to take any word  from the Dictionary and alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter and then supplying a new definition: Here are 10 of the winning words from this year: Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high. Experts considered the possibility that giraffes were actually to blame for […]

The Torch of Fashion Dork-itude

Just so we get it out of the way upfront, let me state for the record that I love my Dad, Wes. He’s always been a supportive and encouraging Father, a good listener, a strong advisor, and an excellent role model. In terms of the luck of the draw, I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better […]

No Taxation Without Representation

Other than mowing lawns and doing paper routes, my first official job was as a dishwasher at the age of 15. I worked at a place called the Village Dairy and I think the most accurate way to describe it would be “glorified lunch counter”.  Not that it was a bad place, mind you, but when […]

I Am 7 Years Old so the WORLD is my canvas!

So at the end of last week, I’m pulling into the driveway after work and I notice that the entire North side of my brick house is covered in pictures and writing of some kind none of which is higher than about 3 feet off the ground. Hmmmm. The work itself appears to be some […]