Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mom’s Know Damn Near Everything

Today being Mother’s Day, I got to thinking about the little nuggets of wisdom my Mom has passed along to me over the years. So in honor of my dear Mother Marjorie, here are the 10 Mom-isms that stick out most in my memory. “Call me when you get there so I know you’re okay. If […]

The Mother’s Day Gift for the Wife Who Has Everything

  Flowers seemed like too obvious a gift for Mother’s Day so I decided to do something kind of special and romantic for Anne this year. Hit play on the video to see Mother’s Day Magic in action! Emphasis on “action”!

Welcome to the House of NO!

I must’ve drawn the short straw this past weekend, because my mission, whether or not I actually CHOSE to accept it, was to go to the grocery store with all 3 of my kids. When it comes to trying to accomplish tasks with the kids in tow, Anne’s philosophy revolves around the idea of bribery, as […]

33% of Women Say Their Dogs Are Better Listeners Than Their Husbands

A third of married women with pets consider their animals to be better listeners than their husbands, an AP poll found. And it’s not just women who reach out for furry support—18% of men say their pets are better listeners than their wives. “You definitely feel much more comfortable sharing your problems,” said one New York […]