Monthly Archives: May 2010

A PHD in Baseball

Now that my son’s season is in full swing, I’ve been watching even more Little League and Big League baseball than usual and paying even more attention to the more minute details of the game. Like, what’s the difference between a 2 seam and a 4 seam fastball?   When is the best time to put on […]

When the World Seemed Alive With Possibilities

While I was walking through a parking lot last week, I saw two teenage boys, maybe 17 at most, climbing into a newish Black hummer, the size of a Sherman tank. I think what first caught my attention was the general young-life joviality of the two boys.  Though I wasn’t close enough to hear what […]

The Circular Logic of Circular Miles

Lately it’s been feeling to me like I’ve been spending way too much of my life in my car, so just for grins I re-set the trip odometer in my trusty Subaru yesterday. You know how many miles I drove between 4am and 8pm? Exactly one hundred and sixty one. Now, if you happen to be a […]

Get Your 80s Geek On!

So, every weekday morning at 8a on the Mike Casey Radio Get Together (99.5 The Mountain on your FM dial or ) I dig out some pseudo-hip musical nugget from the 1980s, tell a little story about the song.…or the band…or both, and then play the song. I call it the Resurrection Jukebox. I’m not […]