Monthly Archives: April 2010

Power Out– Alarm No Worky

About 1 o’clock Tuesday morning the wife woke me up from a sound sleep to tell me that a thunderstorm had knocked out the power to our house which meant my alarm clocks wasn’t going to work.  And when you get up at 3 in the morning, this sort of thing can be disastrous. Here […]

A Tribute to Susie Wargin’s Hair

So, this is my pal Susie Wargin, 9 News Sports Anchor. About once a week she graciously comes on my radio show and chats about sports.…and stuff. Believe it or not, in most situations like this, the “guest” who appears on someone else’s show generally receives a fee of some kind for their services. Since […]

Finally! A Place To Set your Beer While in the Great Outdoors!

Maybe not this weekend.  Maybe not next weekend.  But at SOME point, I can guarantee you that the wife will come home from some damn place and find me sitting in the back yard with a bunch of upside down toilet plungers with beers in ‘em. I find that the best way to manage expectations is […]

Catch Phrase Bingo

The other day my friend Dan Mitchell and I got to talking about those strange little catch phrases that pop into the English language from time to time, get ridiculously over used for a few years, and then completely disappear…never to be uttered again…except for by the incredibly unhip. By way of example you remember […]