Mike Casey is a voice actor, writer, and radio personality based in Denver, Colorado.

Attentive listeners may have heard Mike’s work in television and radio commercials for Village Inn, HW Home, and Stevinson Automotive Group, just to name a few.

After 20 years in the voice acting business, Mike has established a reputation as a consummate professional who can deliver a tech-term heavy narration or a warm and friendly “regular guy” character read and everything in between.

If you’d like to hear some of Mike’s Voice Over work, click here.

In addition to voice acting, Mike currently hosts the morning show on Denver radio station “99.5 The Mountain”.

Through some strange combination of cosmic coincidence and/or ballot forgery, Mike received the 5280 Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Radio Personality in 2008.

With the nano-seconds of spare time regularly at his disposal, Mike sometimes naively tries to force his 3 children to do his bidding.

When that inevitably fails, he generally sits down at the computer to continue working on his first book; an essay collection tentatively called “Doghouse Equity: A Regular Guy’s Look At An Irregular World”.

And oh yeah, sometimes he actually sleeps.

Usually about 11 minutes at a time.